Members of new NC Parent Advisory Commission announced


State Superintendent Catherine Truit has announced the members of her new 48-person Parent Advisory Commission.

State Superintendent Catherine Truit has announced the members of her new 48-person Parent Advisory Commission.

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Parents from traditional public schools will make up half of a new 48-member Parent Advisory Commission created by State Superintendent Catherine Truitt to advise her on public education issues.

The commission members announced this week will include 24 parents from traditional public schools and eight each from charter schools, private schools and homeschools. There’s been debate about how many commission members should come from traditional public schools because they account for more than three-quarters of the state’s students.

Truitt, a Republican, has defended the commission’s composition amid complaints from Democratic members of the State Board of Education who feel traditional public school parents should hold the majority of seats.

“This commission seeks to include all parent voices because every parent has a story to tell,” Truitt said in a news release. “Insight from parents who may not have a student presently enrolled in a traditional public school should be considered as we strive to make improvements to support all public school students’ learning and development.”

State Superintendent Catherine Truit has annouced the members of her new 48-person Parent Advisory Commission. Robert Willett [email protected]

In the 2020-21 school year, traditional public schools made up 76% of the state’s K-12 student enrollment, followed by 10% who are home-schooling, 7% in charter schools and 6% in private schools. Enrollment has been declining in traditional public schools at the same time it has risen in charter schools, private schools and homeschools.

The commission is made up of parents from each of the state’s eight regions. Each region has two parents from traditional public schools, an at-large public school parent and one parent each from a charter school, private school and homeschool.

Some state board members raised concerns in March that traditional public schools were only guaranteed 33% of the seats because charter school parents could get the at-large seats. In the end, all eight at-large members were chosen from traditional public schools.

Thousands applied

Around 3,500 people submitted an online application to join the commission. Truitt has said most applications were discarded because they were missing information.

The remaining 693 complete applications were reduced to a field of 150 applicants. Truitt and members of the state Department of Public Instruction then picked the 48 members.

The commission members will serve two-year terms, with the first meeting in September.

The members are:

North Central Region

Delon Fletcher — traditional public at-large

Preeti Vidwans — traditional public

Daniel Riley — traditional public

Tamara Adams — public charter

Delicia Hare — private

Natascha Alvarado — homeschool

    Northeast Region

    Diane Taylor — traditional public at-large

    Dawn Price — traditional public

    Sonya Askew-Williams — traditional public

    Beatriz “Betty” Ward — public charter

    April Edwards — private

    Mary Syrrist — homeschool

      Piedmont-Triad Region

      Treena Jackson — traditional public at-large

      Dwayne Young — traditional public

      Lillian Adams — traditional public

      Jessica Hofstetter — public charter

      Neely Turlington — private

      Dan Stephens — homeschool

        Southwest Region

        Yolanda Price — traditional public at-large

        Maria Cristina Sanchez — traditional public

        Theresa Knight — traditional public

        Nazila Alimohammadi — public charter

        Rebecca Dies — private

        Larina Pierce — homeschool

          Southeast Region

          Yvonne Eason — traditional public at-large

          Grelynn Bradley — traditional public

          Lindsey Lee Miller — traditional public

          Jessica Lopez — public charter

          Charlonda Brown — private

          Meganne Smith — homeschool

            Western Region

            Lydia Flanders — traditional public at-large

            Dawn Steed — traditional public

            Clark Glenn Jr. — traditional public

            Shawn Wright — public charter

            Susan Osborne — private

            Amber Black — homeschool

              Northwest Region

              Kirsten Maynard — traditional public at-large

              Kelley Wilson — traditional public

              Kelsey W. Adams — traditional public

              Shanna S. Wall — public charter

              Maria S. Ballard — private

              Jessica Frierson — homeschool

              Ar-Nita Davis — traditional public at-large

              Samantha L. Oxendine — traditional public

              Marie Smith — traditional public

              Yvette Bell — public charter

              Victor Allen — private

              John Miner — homeschool

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