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Parenting requires sufficient knowledge and awareness even on small things related to newborns. Babies can be very delicate, so be careful with skin care, diet and sleeping patterns. We can see common skin problems associated with newborns like pimples, gerbils, cradle craps and rashes. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while parenting your baby and newborn.

Caring for baby’s skin:

This is the main factor that must be considered in parenting because the skin is a protective shield that is ready to come into contact with the new environment. It has great adaptability to adverse environments but requires special care. Baby’s skin, because it’s so delicate, gets infected easily so you need to wash baby’s clothes with a special mild detergent.

There is a possibility that the baby’s skin dries quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to use a light baby moisturizing lotion or cream. Keep your baby away from bacterial infections by applying a drop or two of antiseptic lotion to the bath water. Use clean diapers and clothes to avoid skin irritation and allergies.

Caring for the umbilical cord:

Before and after the cord is removed, keep the area clean to avoid the hassle of infection in the future. Apply a small amount of antiseptic powder or alcohol with a clean cotton swab.

Caring for the head:

The baby’s head has soft hair and requires sufficient care to avoid infection. You can use a gentle natural baby shampoo to clean the delicate hair and scalp. Take care of a soft and smooth scalp every time you bathe your baby. Remember, a baby’s skull is not fully developed so be careful when dealing with the top of the head.

Sunburn and rashes:

Skin has a natural ability to adapt to any environment, but you should try to keep your baby out of direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid heat rash and sunburn. Sunburns affect the skin more at a young age, and babies really have trouble sleeping when they feel uncomfortable.

Diaper use:

Most babies need diapers because they are often wet, but parents should take full consideration when using diapers. You need to change six to eight diapers every day to avoid rashes and infections. Use only branded diapers to give your baby more comfort. If you find diaper rash in your baby, consult a pediatrician immediately and find a cure for the problem at the earliest signs, because baby’s skin is very sensitive. There may also be signs of a rash due to a food allergy, yeast infection, prolonged use of diapers, or even teething.

Accelerated growth in infants:

Most commonly seen after 10 days of baby’s birth, accelerated growth occurs immediately after a day of prolonged sleepiness or a hungry appetite. Growth spurts can be found in the third, sixth and twelfth weeks and sometimes in the fourth and sixth months. If it turns out that your baby is not satisfied with just breastfeeding, you can increase the supply of breast milk according to the baby’s needs.


Proper steps towards immunization are important steps related to infant care. We can find many deadly diseases that need to be prevented by immunizing babies properly. Consult with a pediatrician to gain awareness about immunizations and the right time to give various immunizations to babies. Immunization plays a major role in keeping babies healthy in this modern technical world. This helps to reduce infant mortality to a high level and eliminates concerns with newborns.

Pacifier use:

Babies tend to suckle even after feeding. You can use a pacifier to meet the baby’s needs. It offers self-satisfaction for our children. Our babies are very intelligent and easily identify the difference between a pacifier and a real one, but use these pacifiers to satisfy themselves. Always make sure the pacifier is sterile and free of bacteria before giving it to the baby. Some babies are hesitant to grab a pacifier and stick their thumb instead. There’s nothing wrong with letting this go.

The nature of spitting:

Almost all babies spit up at some point in time, but some do this more often than others. If you are sure that your baby is healthy, gaining normal weight and growing at a good pace, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if there is a decrease in their metabolic rate, consult a pediatrician.

Parenting a baby is a very valuable and wonderful job for a mother. A mother knows how to take care of her child in a natural way. However, with the advice of experts and experienced people, you can perform your babysitting duties more effectively and efficiently. Take care of baby right with successful babysitting tips to keep your baby happy and healthy.

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