Aid for Single Mothers with Disabilities


Disability in single mothers is indeed difficult. Apart from being left alone by the mother to take care of the children, disability also adds to the difficulties. Fortunately, there are services and assistance available for mothers with disabilities. Policies are also made to protect the rights of mothers with disabilities and protect them from discrimination in the workplace. This policy is known as the American Disabilities Act.

The services and assistance provided to single mothers with disabilities are aimed at helping these mothers overcome their disabilities and continue living together with their children. Being disabled can be caused by a physical disability, learning disability, or mental disability.

According to the United States Census, approximately forty-one million Americans are disabled. The majority of persons with disabilities are women, although welfare reforms continue to encourage mothers with disabilities to work.

Services provided to Disabled Single Mothers come from TANF and SSI

Typically, the median income for a non-disabled individual is $22,000; however, a person with a disability will only earn about $12,000. The study found that mothers who received assistance from Temporary Assistance for Families in Need or TANF were mothers with disabilities or mothers with children with disabilities.

However, since the reform of the welfare program, fewer mothers with disabilities have received assistance from TANF. In addition, Jamsostek, which also provides additional assistance to mothers with disabilities, has set strict standards and criteria, thereby reducing the number of beneficiaries.

Services provided by Temporary Assistance for Families in Need or TANF will involve case management. This includes the Jamsostek Income service app for single mothers with disabilities. However, not all social workers who handle cases of single mothers with disabilities are aware of this service, thus leading to rejection of applications. The rate of rejected applicants is very high and alarming.

The government took action last February 2009 when the State Legislative Council proposed that the Temporary Assistance Office for Poor Families and the Social Security Revenue office should work together so that everything would work. However, mothers with disabilities need to be aware that federal law does not allow the approval of both services at the same time.

One of the services provided by the Temporary Assistance for Poor Families is to refer women with disabilities to the Manpower Office, especially at the One Stop Career Center. Mothers with disabilities will be able to find out which careers and fields are suitable for them to make money even with disabilities. There is also a single mother program that One Stop will refer to to help mothers with disabilities.

In addition, single mother subsidies will also be provided to ensure that children receive proper care and nutrition. Keep in mind that services for mothers with disabilities may vary from state to state. A single mother with a disability can check with her local social services agency so she can check the list of services provided in the state.

Testing and Screening of Single Mothers with Disabilities with Learning Disabilities

The reform and welfare program for single mothers has not recognized the existence of mothers with learning disabilities. Recently, a learning disability screening was carried out to check the extent of the mother’s learning disability and to check whether the mother can work even with a learning disability.

If the case of disability is mild, single mothers with disabilities can undergo educational programs or vocational courses that can help them find work. Studies have found that if a learning disability is recognized, then the chances of success are possible.

Many institutions can actually provide a variety of services that single mothers with disabilities can take advantage of. There are single mother scholarships offered for single mothers with learning disabilities. They can actually benefit from this scholarship program because it offers various courses and training for women with disabilities.

In addition, if a single mother with a disability can no longer support her child, there is a single mother adoption option that a single mother can request.

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