Single Mom Dating


Single Mom Dating : The idea of ​​dating a woman with a child can be very scary, if not scary for many men. But it shouldn’t. You see, mother is also a real person. In many cases they are also women. Crazy, right? The stigma attached to single mothers is the word “baggage”.

But that’s not really the case, most  

Aid for Single Mothers with Disabilities


Disability in single mothers is indeed difficult. Apart from being left alone by the mother to take care of the children, disability also adds to the difficulties. Fortunately, there are services and assistance available for mothers with disabilities. Policies are also made to protect the rights of mothers with disabilities and protect them from discrimination in the workplace. This policy  

Have Fun and Be Safe Using Single Parent Online Dating


The dating scene can be a scary thought, especially for single parents. However, single parent online dating can be a fun way to meet other single people without sacrificing time with the kids. Many online dating sites can be flooded with singles who are not interested in kids, but many are designed specifically for parents. This is a good place